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Term And Condition


1. Custodians will be the responsibility of the PO. KRAMAT DJATI when the sender has paid in full all shipping costs and has the original proof of delivery.

2. The contents of the consignment package must comply with the statement of the contents of the shipment and be stated in writing by the sender. If there is a mismatch between the contents and the written statement regarding the contents of the package, then the sender is responsible for unexpected things.

3. It is prohibited to include the following items in the package:
• Cash or securities (checks, current accounts, securities, bonds, stocks, certificates).
• Letters, postal papers, postcards.
• Jewelery and other valuables.
• Items that contain poison, explode, have a strong odor or the like that can damage / contaminate other goods.
• Narcotics, marijuana and other prohibited items are against the values ​​of decency and can disrupt stability and public order.
• Living things, such as living plants or animals.

4. PO KRAMAT DJATI is not responsible for the following:
• Any technical risk that occurs during transportation that causes the goods to be sent to malfunction or change function. This applies to items such as machines and radio tapes, computers, floppy disks and other similar items.
• Delay in delivery to the destination city and loss or damage due to force majeure such as riots, natural disasters, wars and similar incidents.
• All detention and declaration or destruction of one type of shipment by the competent government agency such as the prosecutor's office and other agencies.
• Do not accept claims of any kind against consignments within 30 days after the date of shipment.
• Leakage, damage or spoilage for this type of shipment in the form of liquid, glassware, food and others.

5. In the event of compulsion or the vehicle being used it is not possible to operate, then we have the right to transport the shipment by using other means of transportation to its destination without prior notification.

6. The shipment has been deemed to be received properly and correctly if there are no complaints when the shipment is received by the recipient.

7. Reimbursement for lost consignments of a maximum of 10 times the shipping cost (according to the shipping cost stated on the delivery receipt) or a maximum of Rp. 1,000,000, - (one million rupiah).

8. All claims for replacement (claims) can only be resolved at the official representative office / agent of KAMAT DJATI PACKAGE by attaching:
• Minutes of loss / damage signed by the recipient and delivery officer of the DJATI PACKAGE KRAMAT.
• Proof of original delivery receipt.

9. Claims are settled by PO. DJATI KRAMAT maximum 30 (thirty) days from the date of filing a claim (after the analysis is declared complete by our officers). If the time needed to complete the analysis process exceeds the time period specified above, the PO. The DJATI KRAMAT has determined a maximum extension of 15 days.

10.The basis for calculating shipping costs used is:
• Real weight (Calculation based on weight of goods (KG)
• Volume / dimension (Calculation based on the size of the item in CM (the very end) with the calculation formula:
Length x Width x Height: 4000 = Kg
The Largest Amount is used as the basis for calculating shipping costs

11. Cancellation
• 10% cancellation fee of the transportation fee.
• The packaging fee cannot be canceled.

12. The maximum limit for package collection in the destination city is 10 days from the date of arrival.

13. Return delivery of packages, from the destination city to the city of origin is subject to normal costs (100%).