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On Board

a). Please arrive at least 30 minutes earlier before departure time at your departure
station. Please check your ticket or contact our call centre (021) 2708 3000.
b). When you have arrived at the departure station, please find our representative staff
and present your ticket for check-in.
c). Please ask for the baggage stickers and stick it on all your checked baggage (this is
compulsory for caliming any baggage delay,lost or damage).
d). Please follow our crew instructions as they will always attempt to comfort your trip.
e). Passengers are requested not to bring any good or product that can explode or
banned by indonesian laws. All the consequences will be bore by the passengers who
carry the goods.
f). If you experince any unpleasant things or inappropriate attitudes from our crew or
other passengers, please inform our call centre.
g). All passengers are requested not to take any bus properties such as pillow and
blanked. We wish you a safe and comfortable trip with us.